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Get notification when a workflow is republished

Question asked by amccollough on Oct 26, 2015
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This is for NW2010. I've got a need to launch workflows directly from a SharePoint list, by way of displaying icons in a list column. With some jQuery, I've got this working, but the solution depends on the workflow's ID, and this changes every time the workflow is republished. (see Obtain workflow ID by title using CSOM? - SharePoint Stack Exchange  )


Apparently, being on SP2010 eliminates any straightforward means of referencing a workflow by name via the client. So I'm stuck on having to reference a workflow by ID. As a way of making that situation a bit more tolerable, I'd like to get notification whenever the workflow is republished.


Is there a way of getting an email notification whenever a workflow is republished? Better still if that email contains the workflow ID.