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How make sure "cleared" lookup value from form is not saved

Question asked by wimv on Oct 22, 2015
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My SharePoint list has 2 columns:

End user name (lookup field)

End user name manual (text field)


It is required that one of them has a value (not both of them).

So either End user name should have a value, either End user name manual.


This is an extract from my form:


22-10-2015 17-35-46.png


Note: the CONT_IDS_CLEAN CORRECT_ANSWERS DISC_IDS_CLEAN content_ids disc_ids_qready discussions queries questions_set.log test test_CID test_body are just labels (not coming from requirements on the list).


Default the End user name dropdown is enabled, the text field (bottom) disabled.

When I don't find the name in the list, I check the checkbox to enable the bottom textfield and disable + clear the top dropdown.



22-10-2015 17-40-54.png


22-10-2015 17-41-10.png

This is done with the following javascript code:


var EnduserNameNotAvailable = NWF$('#' + varEnduserNameNotAvailable);      




{if (EnduserNameNotAvailable.prop('checked') == true)

{ NWF$('#' + varEnduserName).val("");



{ NWF$('#' + varEnduserNameManual).val("");





As you can see the change on the checkbox triggers the code to set the lookup value to "".


However, it seems that the lookup is only cleared "superficially". When I save the form the previously selected value "BP" is still saved in the list, even though the form didn't show it anymore.


In summary: when I select the default value of the dropdown manually ("Please select a value...") then no value is save on the column. When I use javascript code to select the default value then -unexpectedly- a previously selected value is saved.


How should I prevent that value from being saved? Or how can I do a "real" clear?


Thanks in advance for suggesting a solution.