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Nintex Workflow - Workflow errors due to previous task not finishing

Question asked by jhbrs on Oct 21, 2015
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Hi, not shure if this is the right place, but I´m having issues with a new workflow and the way SharePoint stacks the individual Tasks.

The Software in use is SharePoint 2010 Enterpise and Nintex Workflow 2010 Standard.

The workflow is set up in a  document library.


I´m using a state machine and a "Status" column to make the workflow easier to troubleshoot and understand.

With every new state that the workflow enters I update the "Status" property of the current element, via the "update element" item.

In order to update its properties, i have to first "check out" the element. After the workflow updates the element it has to assign a flexi Task to a user.

This is where things get complicated.


The flexi task immediately erros if the document is not checked in - so after I update the properties I check in the current Element to prevent that from happening.

But it still happens. And when I check the test element it´s not checked in.


1. Check out element

2. Update element

3. Check in element

4. Assign flexi task


So the error is that SharePoint starts the flexi Task before it finished the check in of the document.

The error occurs --> workflow status lists step 1, 2 and 3 as green (done) but the element is not checked in --> step 3 has not been processed or finished properly but it already startet step4 which requires step 3 to finish.


And I´m having issues to find a solution for this problem. I added a Loop between step 3 and 4 that counts up to 200.000, still the workflow instantly Errors with the same status (element needs to be checked in). I also tried the "Pause workflow" item but it also leads to the same outcome.

Currently the workflow Errors in 9 out of 10 trys and  i have no idea what to do next. Do you guys have any suggestions?