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Force Nintex workflow to ignore information in an email subject line.

Question asked by baltner on Oct 23, 2015
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I have created a workflow that submits form data (transformed via XSLT to make it readable) by email to an IT Help Desk ticketing system (OTRS) for processing by our IT staff.  After the technician performs the work he completes the workflow by replying to the message with "OK" and lazy approval does the rest, then he closes the OTRS ticket.


It all works great except that OTRS prepends the ticket number to the subject line, which Nintex workflow then does not recognize.  For example, the original subject line is this:


"Form 01ITI has been submitted [#CCCEHFHDH#]" but the email coming out of the ticketing system has a subject line of "Re: [Ticket#2015102310000472] Form 01ITI has been submitted [#CCCEHFHDH#]" (this is done so that subsequent replies are added to the correct ticket).  This results in a reply from Nintex workflow as follows:


"Nintex Workflow was unable to match this response to a running workflow.  When replying to Nintex Workflow emails, ensure the subject line of the email remains unchanged."


So my question is this:  is there any way to force Nintex workflow to ignore the prepended information in the email subject line so that we don't get this reply (which reopens a closed ticket)?