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I can't seem to use a hyperlink field in a validation rule

Question asked by mdichiara on Oct 22, 2015
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I am using Nintex 2013 forms.  I have an Invoice Request form that I created that needs some conditional required fields.  One of the fields (Budget Actuals) is only required if the user didn't enter an link to their budget summary (hyperlink field).  When I create the rule




it is not validating that the Budget Summary field is filled in - it is always showing that it's blank.  The one thing I noticed is that the field was not available for selection in the Named Controls - only in the Item Property list.  Is this the problem?


I am not a programmer at all, but have been able to rely on Rules to accomplish conditional required fields.  However, I have never based it off of a hyperlink value.  I even tried adding a calculated field to the form to try and grab the value of the field, but it is always blank.  I also tried using the Length() function in the calculated field, but no matter what is typed in the field, the value is always 0.


Would love some ideas on this one?  Deadline for form is next week!


Thank you!