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Hiding things in a workflow email like you do an a form

Question asked by on Oct 21, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2017 by mmatsako

Hi all,


I have a new starters form created in Nintex.


I have a section asking what type of device they want.


I have a Yes/No for Laptop. I have an additional drop down for a type of laptop and it's hidden on the form unless the laptop box os ticked and it works great.In the workflow, I have a "Send an email" but which has a summary of the request in the body.


In the body i have:


Laptop: Required  {Current Item: laptop}

Laptop Type: {Current Item:laptop type}


When the email comes in, if the Laptop Required is No, I still get the default value for the laptop Type in the email.


is there a way to do in the body like I've done on the form? So, the email will only show the laptop type if laptop=Yes?


I could remove most of the body, leaving the link to the form


Is there anything else I could try?