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How can i create a workflow that changes a users Permissions until the item in a list is completed?

Question asked by nyeman17 on Oct 21, 2015
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I have a list where associates can submit time off. Then I have lets say admins who can go into the list and approve or deny these requests. I have the workflow set up so that the admin can click the (...) on the item that they want to work. They then click on a start workflow button that.. starts the workflow. Now my problem is that I want associate to be able to edit the item until the admin has approved or denied the request. In order to give the associates the ability to update their own request I would have to give them some form of edit permissions. If I give them said permissions they will then be able to approve or deny their own request because the (...) option will be available. IS there a way to make it so that button to start the workflow is hidden from everyone but the admins and still allow the associates to edit their item? THEN once the admin has approved or denied the request have it so the users permissions change to read only. Please let me know if I need to go into more detail!


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