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Nintex Forms O365 changing Hyperlink in Description Field of SharePoint Task List

Question asked by jlacario on Oct 20, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2015 by stephensaw

My company uses SharePoint Online, and we also have licenses for Nintex Forms and Workflows for Office 365. I have set up a default Nintex Form for a standard SharePoint Task List. When I add a Hyperlink in the Description field that references an item on our SharePoint site, Nintex Forms is rewriting the hyperlink with its own site address.


For example, I'll add a Hyperlink with the URL of into the Description field of a new or existing Task Item, and when I save Nintex Forms changes the URL to  Even if I just paste the entire URL into the Description field and save, the correct link will display as text, but the underlying URL will be the incorrect one. Using a short URL like /sites/team/management/ still results in an incorrect link.


Any ideas on what might be the issue? Thanks in advance.