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How to update repeating section records once a workflow task is approved?

Question asked by taivu on Oct 21, 2015
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I'm new to Nintex, any help is appreciated.


I've a Nintex Approval Form with a Repeating Section to allow for selection of multiple approvers. Within my workflow i have managed to send workflow tasks to all approvers using the Request Approval action (Create individual tasks for all group members & All must approve). I need to be able to update the individual approver's record in the repeating section as soon as their task is completed & maybe send out an email to notify the originator.


Example: form submitted with 3 approvers, so 3 workflow tasks were generated at the same time, all to approve. Approver 2 approved & the other 2 are pending.


- Approver 1 WF task -> Pending

- Approver 2 WF task -> Approved -> Update the repeating section record for Approver 2 -> Send email to notify originator of Approver 2 action

- Approver 3 WF task -> Pending


How do i go about doing this?


Thanks & regards


Tai Vu