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Lookup not working in Mobile App

Question asked by gary.schurr on Oct 19, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2017 by mmatsako

I have started building a form that looks up another sharepoint list to populate fields after an initial item is selected. I have done this in two different ways - List Lookup and Calculated Value using the lookup() function.


These both work when I preview on the desktop but do not work on the Mobile App. I have confirmed that I have the latest versions required for this functionality and I don't think there isn't an issue with connectivity or firewalls.


The error I get with the List Lookup is "Error getting List Entries" (I have changed the column type to lookup list with no luck). The error I get with the Calculated Value is simply "Error".


I have tried searching for an answer this to no avail. Any ideas? Thank-you.