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Document set children approval

Question asked by feramon on Oct 19, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2015 by piromanas

Hello Nintex community


I’ve been working on an approval workflow for documentation managers and my current workflow is working perfectly on single files, whether it’s started on item creation or manually. But since I had to use Document Sets to work on multiple files with appendices, a problem has occurred.


Case 1 : Automatic “Start workflow on item create”


The approval workflow starts on the Document Set AND the files inside. So I have one instance for each file inside the set AND the Document Set item. For exemple, I have 1 Document Set named “Q01015” with 3 .docx files inside. That makes 4 approval workflows in total.


Case 2 : Start the workflow manually


With this method, I can start the only instance of approval workflow on the Document Set without starting it on files inside. If the Document Set gets approved, it gets published with its children. This method is better than the automatic start because it has only one instance of the workflow.


What I really need is a mix of these two cases. Approval workflow for each file inside the set and when all children are approved, publishes the Document Set. Some kind of a loop inside the set that checks the approval status of each children.


Any tips would be appreciated!


Thank you in advance