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Calculating Due Dates on Tasks and Notifications

Question asked by kkittinger on Oct 19, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2016 by seid

Hello Community,


I want to set due dates on my tasks and notifications. I have set up a workflow variable to save the a due date or notification date and did a Calculation Date Action in my workflow. My question is, when it does the Calculation Date does it take into account your Regional Settings you put on SharePoint for the work week or does it just go 7 days from day the workflow starts.? If not how can i make sure it only calculates based off a work days instead of the whole week?



User submits a document on Thursday 10/15, due date is in 7 Days so the due date that it should have something done to it should be on Monday 10/26 if it picks up the work week.