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Reset Action ID Needed? How?

Question asked by lkm on Oct 16, 2015
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Due to running a lengthy set of reminders that have different reminder messages, time intervals, send to name, we decided to use an old school Approve/Reject action with an Action ID to link to the reminders (rather than using the Flexi Task action). We have this inside a State Machine and noticed that the reminders only work the very first time. As in, the Approval Task set to the Manager and if they reject, the Subject Matter Expert does his/her thing to send it back to the Manager, this second time the reminders are not sending. My suspicions are that the Action ID has been 'used up' from the first time through. What is the best way around this?


The one solution I've come up with, which I'm not fond of, is to have a new WF start (let's call it B), end the current one, and have B start the Approval WF again. Thus having a new Action ID and being able to run the reminders off that new Action ID.


Thanks in advance for your thoughts! (sorry if this has been posted somewhere where I didn't see it)