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Email sent more than one

Question asked by manphu on Oct 18, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2015 by piromanas

Hi Nintex Experts,

I am new to Nintex and would like your help. Please see below picture.

We have 10 candidates referred to a vacancy. Everytime a new candidate filled in, an email sent out to alert the vacancy holder. I have problem that even candidate 1 filled in and email sent out, if candidate 2 or 3 filled in then another email for candidate 1 keeps sending out again which more than one email for ONE candidate to be sent out. How to stop it that only one email for one candidate to be sent out.

Also the vacancy holder will update the result for each candidate (This result can be changed) and I also need an email sent out to the staff who fills the candidate in. How can I stop only one email sent out? (not more than one). I understand that any changes within the ITEM will be considered as updated and email will be sent out but any Nintex workflow action to stop this happen!!


Many thanks for your assistance,