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Sending email notification after passing due date by 7 and 30 days and when it is complete stop sending notification 

Question asked by erkindunya on Oct 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2016 by erkindunya

Hi All,

I have received a requirement for creating a workflow to send notification to task assigned person on below scenario:

1. If a task passed task due date by 7 days send a reminder (notification).

2. If a task passed task due date by 30 (a month) days send a reminder (notification).

3. when it is task status is complete stop sending reminder (notification).


This is what I done,

  • calculate date by adding 7 or 30 to days to find reminder date and stored on variable: reminder date
  • pause until the above variable: reminder date
  • Run if to compare the task complete status changes
  • if it is not complete and passed 7 days or 30 days send notification

I will copy this block to 30 days and I don't know I am doing right or wrong?

Do I need create site workflow rather list workflow?

Is there any way to stop sending reminder (notification) when task status is complete after due date do I need loop through all list items?


Many thanks in advance.