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Repeating section tax

Question asked by tedwards on Oct 14, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2015 by tedwards

I have a repeating section for equipment ordering,


Currently the setup is:


Drop Down List: New/Replacement

Drop Down List: Item

Text Field: Quantity

Text Field: Cost

Drop Down: Currency:

Calculated Value: Canadian Currency (If(equals(Currency,'CAD'),Quantity*EquipmentCost,0))

Calculated Value: USD Currency (If(equals(Currency,'USD'),Quantity*EquipmentCost,0))


What has come up now is that they want the calculated values to have the ability to include taxes, since I am in Canada the item has 3 options, No Taxes, PST 5% and GST 5%.. how would I modify the value calculated value to capture this information. If PST is selected take Quanty*EquipmentCost*1.05, if PST and GST is Selected take Quantity*EquipmentCost*.05 (for the PST) then do it again Quantity*EquipmentCost*.05 (for the GST) then add both GST&PST values to the Total of Quantity*EquipmentCost