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Work flow starting point when a value has changed

Question asked by arobins on Oct 15, 2015
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I'm new to work flow and I need some help.


I'm trying to set up my workflow so that when a person submits a request the workflow starts by sending them an email. Once an admin person changes the value of the request on the SP list from under review (which is the default) to denied or completed the requester should get an email back with the message (either the request was denied or completed).


I have changed my work flow settings to start when created and start when modified - every which way and with conditional values. Each time, when I change the request status to denied for example, the denied email is sent but also notifications that a new request has been started. If I don't set the work flow to start when items are modified nothing happens when I change the disposition of the request in the SP list.


I need to have the work flow start once at the beginning when a new request is submitted and then once the disposition of the request is changed, the work flow picks up in the middle and only notifies the requester of the status.


I looked at the loop action but I'm not clear on how it works or where I would put it. I've attached a sample pic of the work flow to help illustrate my problem.


Any help would be appreciated.