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How can I use a value from a SQL Request Control to trigger another SQL Request?

Question asked by ctillett on Oct 15, 2015
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I have a form that is using a SQL Request Control to pull back data from a SQL Customer Database and populate a dropdown for Customer selection.  We want to use this selection to run other SQL Requests so that we can pull back and display other information from that Customer database such as customer address, customer country, customer POC,  account manager, contract date, Technical Lead etc.  I have tried to link it to the Customer field, but since it occurs on load, the field isn't populated at the time.  I wrote some javascript to get the field value on change, but cannot figure out how to re-trigger the other SQL Requests.  Any ideas?


I have also tried to use the external content type connector and list lookup, but since it's an external list list lookup doesn't work and the external content type doesn't allow me to filter based on the criteria.


I tried creating panels and disabling until something else was filled out, but that also doesn't work.  User wants real time data, so workflow is not an option.  This is easily achieved in InfoPath