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Older approval task got deleted automatically from nintex task list

Question asked by shardul on Oct 14, 2015
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We have nintex workflow which has state machine approval process, after some approval s document moves from one library to another library. It creates task for every approval which gets created in custom task list. We want all tasks for auditing purposes.


      But issue is those old tasks (older than 2 months) are not present in task list. So how older tasks got deleted? Is there any way to retrieve deleted tasks?


    On same site we have another workflow which has also approval process (not the state machine). In this also document moves from one to other library after approval. All tasks get created in custom task list only. Here we have older tasks as well which got complete 7-8 months as well.


    So in which scenario tasks gets deleted from task list and in which scenario task will not get deleted from task list.


  Can you please help regarding this.



Thanks and regards,

Shardul Pasare