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Error - Workflow Cancelled because it was deleted

Question asked by beneggert233 on Oct 14, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2015 by beneggert233

So we have a workflow in production and due to some people being moved around, our customer asked us to change a few recipients of a Flexi Task. I went into our production workflow changed the recipients and went to publish the workflow. As a backup, I decided not to overwrite our production workflow (by un-ticking the overwrite box) and published the new workflow under a different name. At this point I disabled "start on item creation" on the original workflow so that only the workflow with the new recipients would start.


At the time that i did this, there were several instances (around 6-7) of the original workflow running. In the days following this change ALL of the running instances cancelled/errored out! Here is an image of the workflow status for one of them.


In the workflow details at the bottom of the page I see this


But the thing is I didn't delete the original workflow! In the image below you can see that both the new and original are there....

Any ideas? I just cant seem to figure this one out!