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owa add-in: "Invalid SharePoint URL"

Question asked by ignasitt on Oct 14, 2015
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I tried to use your new Outlook/OWA add-in, but is imposible due to authentication issues:


When I click on Nintex add-in, I need to authenticate:

My credentials are well set, but I'm getting an "Invalid SharePoint Url" message.


I tried to include a lot of different URL's in the Lazy Approval mail.


If I include an normal site URL, like "https://MyWebAppURL/sites/workflows/genericWF", then I'm getting a "We could not find a Nintex Workflow URL in this email"

If I included an NintexWorkflow URL, like the "WF Status" OOB link "https://MyWebAppURL/sites/workflows/generic/_layouts/15/NintexWorkflow/preview.aspx?ListId=..." (I read that a /NintexWorkflow/ must be present in the mail URL) then I receive the "Invalid SharePoint Url".


Therefore, Which URL exactly I need to include into the email? There's no clear specification about it. The Site URL is not good, neither the "WF Status URL"... (I tested about 10 different ones, none of them seems to be valid).


Then so far has been imposible to use your new add-in.


It not supposed to be easy to use?


Kind regards.