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Need help with a collection operation.

Question asked by srichter on Oct 14, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2015 by srichter

I am having some trouble.

I have a list that tracks an issue through to completion.

Then I have a document library with a "TrackingID" field to match the item on the list for each document related to that item.


Here is my problem.

When a document is ready to publish, it is copied to a temporary library so the publisher will only see THOSE documents, thus reducing error.

The part that crashes is if the document is checked out to anybody, the checked out document will not copy and will also cause my workflow that copies the item to error.


My goal is this:

When the final approval is done, the item is flagged for publishing, which kicks off the workflow to copy the document into the temp library.


What I need is a way for the workflow to look into the document library and find all the documents related to that ID, and gather the checkout information.


Next, I need it to somehow compile that information into a text field that can be updated in the list.  Then, this will be sent back to the person who approved the item in the first place, tell them that the item(s) are checked out (and to who), so they need to address this issue then come back and update the item that it is ready to publish again.