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Nintex form JavaScript question

Question asked by shk21 on Oct 12, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2015 by shk21

Hi, I am trying to achieve the following with custom JavaScript on Nintex form but not having much luck. Anyone have suggestions? thanks.


1. Populate Label text using JavaScript with html formatting : In custom JavaScript section of a Nintex form, I tried NWF$(".NewLabel label").text("hello"); which works, but when I try NWF$(".NewLabel label").text("hello<br>"); or NWF$(".NewLabel label").text("hello\n"); the newline doesn't get applied to the label control on the form.


2. check if a value exists as an option in a drop down list choices (from list lookup control): I want to check if value "one" exists in a drop down list "accounts" choices. I tried using NWF$('#' + accounts + 'select option[value='one']").val(); but it is giving an error.


thanks for your help