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Assign Task Form - Nintex Workflow Flexi-task + multiple content types

Question asked by tim.kohlman on Oct 11, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2017 by powersj1

I have a custom list with multiple content types, and I'm creating a list item approval workflow in Nintex Workflow, using "assign Flexi task". 


Customising the "assign Flexi task" task form in Nintex forms through the Configure Action dialog for the Flexi Task, the form displays the list item information at the bottom of the form ("List Item Properties") - it shows only the fields from the default content type, and doesn't give me the option to display columns from other content types.


I know when you create a Nintex Form outside of Nintex workflow, it asks you to choose a content type to customise the form for.  I don't get this option when creating the form through the Flexi Task config.


Is it possible to configure the assign task form to display content type specific fields?