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Validation - Workflow or Form

Question asked by angelfish42 on Oct 9, 2015
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To give you a bit of background about what I am trying to achieve -


When the form is submitted by the Save & Submit button  >  The Form is saved and submitted and the Value 1 is returned >  In turn this starts a Workflow.


However, as our form has a number of mandatory fields on the form, it is not quite working.


When the form is submitted with save & submit > if the fields are not filled in correctly > the form reappears but blank


Therefore if the user is submits the form but if all the fields are not correctly filled in the form is not reappearing with the information that they had filled in previously.  It is also not showing them the fields that they had missed out


Is there a way of achieving the following


Save & Submit > Check the form for mandatory fields > Return the form (with data completed by user) if not completed correctly > Resubmit form on completion > Start workflow

Save & Submit > Check the form for mandatory fields > Submit form is correct > Start Workflow


It sounds like this could be achieved via the workflow?


Please note that the "save.jpg" is what I would ideally like to achieve in the current form but uses the "Save" button,  perhaps this would be better than "Save & Submit"?