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Form Showing Blank - Errors in Debug

Question asked by angelfish42 on Oct 8, 2015
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I have asked this question in a previously and it was resolved by going back versions to find out the issue regarding my problem of blank preview for my form.


However, I have come back to my form and it is showing blank again.  I have not made any alterations to it since and my last save was successful along with the preview.   I can see this is the updated form as it has a new set of choices that I put in.


I am not sure what has happened.  I therefore decided to press F12 when previewing the form and there are lots of errors in the debug facility.


Here are some of them -


SCRIPT1002: Syntax error

File: PreviewNintexForm.aspx, Line: 266, Column: 168


HTML1114: Codepage unicode from (UNICODE byte order mark) overrides conflicting codepage windows-1252 from (13)


SCRIPT1004: Expected ';'

File: PreviewNintexForm.aspx, Line: 1304, Column: 4294925867


SCRIPT1028: Expected identifier, string or number

File: ItemPicker.js, Line: 15, Column: 5


1028: Expected identifier, string or number

File: PreviewNintexForm.aspx, Line: 3523, Column: 267


I noted the undefined rules error which I thought I had dealt with by removing it when I saved over it with the new version?


if anyone is able to help I would very much appreciate it!