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Workflow Does not Initiate on Create

Question asked by melissac on Oct 8, 2015
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We have Document list that is set to receive emails.  When a new email is received my workflow is suppose to run and assign a task to my users.

When I kick off the Workflow manually it runs perfectly! (This is how I tested before implementation)   At Implementation I set the Workflow to Run on Create. But discover that this is a known issue and it will not run on email embedded lists.


There are two work around

1. You need to add some code in the server  - - I don't have access to this.

2. You can add an additional Column on your  -- Someone posted this workaround and it's just not working.

Workaround Described in this Thread:

"As Nidish mentioned this is a result of workflows not being able to run as the SharePoint system account. How we get around this is to create a custom column on the document library that has a default value. We then setup the workflow to trigger when an item is modified and equals the default value. The first step in the workflow would be to change this default value to something else."


Any insight on this would be a help? 

Thanks Melissa