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Drop Down Resetting to Default Value

Question asked by kkittinger on Oct 8, 2015
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Hi Community,


I have a couple drop downs on a mutli-view/panel form. This form allows users to step through the company's travel form using buttons.  In one particular part we have drop down controls that the user must pick a choice from and then based off that choice a calculation field runs a calculation. Here is the problem when the user either goes back a page or forward a page the drop downs are resetting back to a default value of blank which then messes up the calculation fields when the user submits.  Also the drop downs still show the user the choice they made its just the value does not stay stored as they move around inside the form. How can i keep the drops downs from resetting the value back to blank?


When user first selects values.

Before Panel next.PNG


After user has moved about in the form and came back to the page.

After Panel Next.PNG

The calculations and everything come out the way they are to. its just the drop down choice is not holding as user moves around


Any insight or how i can fix this is helpful.