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O365 workflow change control

Question asked by gerardh on Oct 7, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2016 by olampl11

I'm curious to know how others handle the testing and Change Control process for workflows.


I make modifications in the Test tenant and test the workflow there - can be arduous with some of the logic and boundary conditions.  Once done I export from Test and import to Production through the Workflow editor page.  However, within Production when I edit an existing workflow (lets call it Flow1), select import, it doesn't overwrite the existing definition of Flow1, but closes that object and opens the imported workflow as a new object.  I can't then save it as Flow1 "a workflow with that name already exists", so have to go with Flow2.  That also changes the name of the status fields in List view and starts to get messy.


The alternative is editing the existing Flow1 workflow and manually repeating the changes previously done in Test - not the safest of methods.


How do you handle this?