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Flex Task and Permissions to the Workflow Task list

Question asked by whahoo on Oct 6, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2015 by kapilkjoshi



I'm having an issue with assigning permission groups to the Workflow Task List that Nintex is writing to when assigning the flex task.  For some reason, people in the "contribute" group cannot edit.  I have to give that group "owner" permissions for them to edit.  And, people in the "read only" group cannot view.  This is kind of a double-edged problem.  Even if you select "View Item" from the ellipsis in the task list, it wants to use the "edit" form.


I don't really want everyone in NT Authority to be able to "edit" the task list.  Just want them to view it.  And, I don't really want to give people who actually work in the tasks any higher permission than contribute.


Any ideas?  Thanks!