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Drop Down Value Not Saving for formula on Mutli-View Form

Question asked by kkittinger on Oct 7, 2015
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Hi Community,


I have a form that lets a user choose one of three options from a drop down. Based off the value of that drop down a calculation value control runs a formula and displays a value. Both the option chosen by the the user and the value calculated are stored into a SharePoint list.  However, if the user doesn't save it at that Panel and goes back or forward in the form and returns to Panel with the drop down the calculated value has changed to the wrong value.  How can you keep the drop down box value from resetting as a user goes through the form?


When user makes choice and the correct value is displayed

Before Panel next.PNG

After user as moved forward in the form then return to the form with calculations.

After Panel Next.PNG

As you can see the value for the formula was reset even though the drop down box still shows the choice the user picked.