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Current Item properties not displaying correctly

Question asked by on Oct 6, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2017 by tposzytek

I have a "Send an email" step on the workflow.


In the form I have thee two fields:


Description: Multi Line Box

Approver: Person


In the email step on the workflow, I'm using:


{Current Item: Description} in the subject field and also in the body of the email

{Current Item: Approver} in the body


When The email arrives, the subject replaces the {Current Item: Description} with <div class="ExternalClass8DC41D8B3A7B4F5DB7DD6A5D95BF7317">2</div> (the description just says 2)


Instead of the Approver's name, it says i:0#.f|membership|


Workflow context fields work fine.....and the user profiles service is trusted.


I'm guessing the multi line box is causing the issue, but the description box in the paper version sometimes gets filled up, so I'd need to leave it like that.


Am I not able to display the multiline description field in the subject line? Is there a way to hack it so it does work, like pipe the first line into a variable? I've tried using the Extract Substring but it just shortens the <div class> to a much shorter length....


I also get the issue in this as well...