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Workflow does not complete, kind of loops

Question asked by paulvernon on Oct 6, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2015 by mmatsako

I have a workflow on a list, using State Machine. I have a Query List over an External Content Type list, then a For Each loop that processes 233 items, copying them to two other lists. Understandably that takes some time to process. For some reason the workflow repeats the Query/ForEach before the first iteration has completed (like a race car lapping itself on a circuit). So I end up with repeated items in the two destination lists, and the workflow appears to be in a loop (SafeLooping is enabled, BTW). The workflow says "Completed" (and the time is being updated every minute), but that's not true! I had to stop the Timer service to kill it.


This is quite critical for my project, so any help pointers would be hugely appreciated!