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Sending a reminder that an "Item Update" is required

Question asked by rczarka on Sep 30, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2015 by rczarka

Hello all,


I'm new to the community and this is my first post, although I have been browsing for a few months now.


I am hoping to get some help with a specific issue I am trying to resolve. I've been looking for an answer now for a long time, and I've been unsuccessful.


We are Operating Nintex Workflows 2007 in a SharePoint 2007 environment, on which I have implemented a form library with InfoPath 2010 Forms - so I guess in many respects we are dinosaurs!


Anyway, I have several workflows which "Send a Notification" and then "Wait for an Item Update". These have been functioning well for over 6 months. However, on occasion, the person responsible forgets to update the item, and therefore the workflow just sits there waiting.


I am lookink for a way to send a reminder, approximately every 8 business hours, that the item is still waiting to be updated.


I've successfully implemented reminders on "tasks" using "parallel actions" and "Task reminders", but for a number of reasons I cannot use tasks in these circumstances.


Over time, I have tried lots of different things including loops, Waits and I have even tried doing a "variable update" to an "Action ID" when the field is updated and running a "Task Reminder" off that - but none of these have worked for me.


So - I've given it a red hot go, and now I am looking for some help from the community... please!!!


Any help/suggestions anyone can provide, would be greatly appreciated.


Eagerly awaiting your response,