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Just upgrade Nintex workflow and forms latest n greatest...user is reporting error that says a Stored Procedure is missing or cannot be found...

Question asked by rcuscaden on Oct 1, 2015
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So last week we updated our Workflow and Forms to the latest versions and I am now having a user report that they are seeing the below error.


Server unable to process request --> Could not find stored procedure "NM_DeleteFormByWorkflowBaseID".


Now my first thought is that the Nintex DB needs to be updated.  After the install, I did update it in Central Administration in SharePoint.  But when I go to the "DataBase Setup" page in CA, I do not see the "Upgrade Necessary" or whatever the text is next to the DataBase version or config db.


Do I need to do a server reboot to get things to talk straight?


My current DB version is


Should I re-run the install?