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Validation on Multi-Panel Form with Next Buttons

Question asked by kkittinger on Oct 2, 2015
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I have a Multi-Panel Form that walks users through multiple steps of a process. On the panels there are fields and places that have validation. When end users click the Next Button validation is happening on the fields that need to be validated automatically and the button moves the user to the next step.  How can I make it that when the user clicks the next button, if there are errors on that panel due to validation it wont continue forward?


As of right now the user clicks the Next Button and the from goes to the next page and shows validation errors that the user needs to fix, but the user must go back to the previous page to do those corrects I want to stop it so that user doesn't have to go back if there are issues in the validation.


All this is being done with Nintex 2013 in SharePoint 2013.


Any insight or work around with this is greatly apprenticed.