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Why would I get this error: "The field 'xyz' is not supported in query. The lookup list is in another web."?

Question asked by duane on Sep 29, 2015
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I'm rebuilding a workflow that was originally created using SharePoint Designer 2010.


This is a great summary of the issue I'm experiencing and I'm hoping someone can explain a way to get around this issue described:


My Original Query is here:

The workflow runs on list B. List B has a lookup column/field SAP Company - DC located on List A. List A is on the Parent site and List B is on the sub site. SAP Company - DC is a site column and calculated field:


In List B Requesting DC is a lookup to SAP Company - DC


In SharePoint Designer 2010 we read the value of the lookup field (Requesting DC)


We attempt the same in Nintex Workflow:


However the workflow gives the following error:

Suspend this workflow 
Activity in progress

Retrying last request. Next attempt scheduled after 2015-09-29 19:11. Details of last request: HTTP BadRequest to'ef75b197-ee4a-4bfa-8d1c-dcd7c001e435')/Items(1273)?%24select=ID%2CSAP_x0020_Company_x0020__x002d__Id%2CSAP_x0020_Company_x0020__x002d__%2FSAP_x0020_Company_x0020__x002d__&%24expand=SAP_x0020_Company_x0020__x002d__ Correlation Id: 5c2614be-db5f-9675-9f41-db16abb3322d Instance Id: d770346c-e092-4712-bd6c-1d5db8de4e14

The field 'SAP_x0020_Company_x0020__x002d__' is not supported in query. The lookup list is in another web.
  Retry now


We see the same error as when using the Nintex WF when using SharePoint designer 2013 workflows. So it seems that using the lookup field in the item is not that simple


I would think it is quite normal to read a lookup field in the way described above. Does anyone have some insight as to how I might read the lookup field successfully?


Looking forward to some discussion,