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Assistance with an Workflow

Question asked by shreedharhv on Sep 29, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2015 by shreedharhv

I need an assistance with the below workflow.

It’s a three stage workflow where document is uploaded by an Initiator

  • Internal Team will review and send it to PMO
  • PMO team
    • Approves – Working Group
    • Rejects – Goes back to Initiator
  • Working Group
    • Approves – Governance Council
    • Rejects – Goes back to Initiator
  • Governance Council
    • Approves – End Workflow
    • Rejects – Goes back to Initiator


I have built the workflow for the above requirement and for each team (PMO, Working Group and Governance Council) I have created SharePoint group and added them in Assign Flexi task action.


Next step is, whichever group rejects the document it would be sent back to Initiator – This is also achieved

Next step is for eg: Working Group rejects the document it would be sent back to Initiator. Initiator would work on it and upload it back. When Initiator uploads it back, workflow will trigger from the beginning, starting with Internal Team review.

But the requirement is Initiator should get an option before triggering the workflow manually to route to PMO team as the document is rejected by PMO team. Same requirement goes with other teams.

Please let me know is there a way to achieve this and provide your suggestions.


Thanks in Advance!

Shreedhar H V