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Versions - Preview as Showing Empty

Question asked by angelfish42 on Sep 28, 2015
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We are having problems with our forms showing empty when they are being previewed at present, at first I thought this was a java issue.  However hard I tried to rectify the issue by removing various fields etc. it would never go away.  I have since found the following two discussions on the nintex forums -


Nintex Forms Preview is showing empty


Blank forms after upgrade to Nintex Forms 2010 version


Both of which have been very helpful.

Before I take the drastic action of changing the web.config file as suggested in both posts, I have gone back a number of versions on my form to see if I could identify what the problem was.  I used the debug in the browser to help.  Unfortunately the debug in IE11 seems to be quite difficult to work out against the nintex form.


Therefore I am asking a very simple question.  I would like start using the version was working before the preview started went going blank! 


Click On > Version History > Browse through the Versions and Load the correct version which can be used  (Can be confirmed in the right hand corner which Version is open)


If I was to making amendments to this one and saving it would this become the latest version? This is what I would like to do so I can see which field is causing the problem?  From debugging the next version it says about "rules" being invalid. Which indicates some rules need to be changed.


Just to confirm I am using Nintex Forms 2010


Can someone help?