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Nintex "Request Vote" action

Question asked by ljt1227 on Sep 28, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2017 by bananeonline

Has anyone built a custom Nintex 2010 workflow action that can get a "vote" response (yes or no) from ALL "approvers", without canceling pending tasks?  I have a process that requires ALL "approvers" to have their say on a matter.  As it stands, no matter which Nintex 2010 action I use (Flexi-Task, Request Approval, Request Review, Request Data), there are limitations that make this impossible.  I want this "Request Vote" action to a) send to all "approvers" simultaneously, b) collect task responses until ALL have been completed (do NOT cancel pending tasks).  It needs to have all the usual reminder and escalation logic in there as well.


The closest I've been able to get to this with OOTB actions is "Request Review", which goes out simultaneously (requirement a) and collects all responses (b), BUT there's no way I can see to collect what each "vote" was.  Yes, you can have the approver enter a vote in the review comments, but then you'd have to parse it out for who knows what different variations of yes/no/Yes/No/ etc.  So what we NEED is a custom action built on "Request Review" that actually pulls a vote/answer from the approvers and waits for ALL of them to come back.  From there, the workflow can figure out what it needs to do, based on counting the votes.


Has anyone built an action like this for Nintex 2010 Workflow?