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Nintex Workflow create item action, creates an empty document in a document library from a content type that is not the default clean document type., HELP!!!?

Question asked by on Sep 25, 2015
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I have created a Nintex Workflow in SharePoint Online, that runs on a list, right now it is set to manual start, however the start method plays no role in this as it happens on new item and change item as well.

I have columns in a list, via workflow, I create a document that has content including Document Properties embedded in the document.  In the Create Item Action, I specify the correct library, it reads and offers up all of the content types associated with the document library, I choose the correct one, specify path and filename, each of the properties I want in the document, Title, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, etc.

Save the workflow

Publish the workflow

run the workflow against the Item in my list.  It runs to completion, no errors

Check the Document Library

There is a new Document, the one specified via the workflow, with the content type specified, the columns are populated in the library

open the document, Word Online says there is an error displaying the file, so I open in Word on the desktop, and the file is empty.

**More Info**

I can create a document successfully via the library's new selection.

I can create a document successfully via an SP2010 Workflow.

I cannot create a document via an SP2013 Workflow.