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images, validation and lookup issues

Question asked by dottie on Sep 22, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2015 by dottie

Hello Everyone,


I'm new to Nintex forms and starting out in Office 365. I'm running into issues with branding and validations, as well as retaining data in lookup columns after a task has been launched.


Branding Issues


After trying a few troubleshooting steps with the images on the
Nintex forms. It seems to be narrowed down to browser issues.


  • Connecting inside and outside of the Cintas Network, resulted in
    no images.
  • After adding the form or image library URL, to the Privacy
    Settings in Internet Options as a trusted site, the images were visible, but
    only visible if added to each PC.
  • This has only worked for me so far, the others have added the
    site with a wildcard and no go. I’m not sure if they have tested the image
  • IE11, and Firefox are working for myself, there are still
    problems with Chrome.
  • The image library is in the same sub-site as the list, just in
    case I needed to add it to the site collection, I added a picture library to
    the site collection and the pic URL from that library and published it, working
    for me only.


Any idea on how we can get this working for everyone, without
the need of each individual adding property’s to the browser?


Validation Issue.


I've a form that had rules set to validate controls on the forms. When I set them up they worked fine, or so I thought, After a few times, the form would let me save without validating. I created a workaround by either using the content pages to catch them, or creating a formatting rule that hid or disabled the controls.


Lookup Columns


I've a lookup column from a list named Locations. The dropdown pulls in the correct information and puts to the list when the form is submitted. What happens is that when a workflow runs that contains a task, the task will remove the locations information. I have also created a work around for this, by creating a variable and setting that to another field. Using formatting rules I hide the original dropdown when the form is in edit or display mode. I can't seem to repopulate the dropdown from the workflow variable. I suspect it is the ID of the list column.


Any and all suggestions will be appreciated.