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Multiline text box resize in display mode?

Question asked by thunderstorm654 on Sep 21, 2015
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In view mode, multiline text fields don't resize depending on how much (if any) text was entered into the control when the form was filled out.


is there any way to resize the control in display mode? I have 'resize at runtime' enabled but this doesn't seem to impact it. I have also tried using a calculated value instead, and setting it to the value of the multiline text field and displaying it in display form only, but then if I have multiple lines the calculated value doesn't expand down more than 1 'row' so ends up overlapping the controls below it (doh!).


Default behavior:



As you can see it makes the form look a bit untidy with big gaps, especially on other tabs where I have a mixture of field types.


Any ideas, am I missing some easy setting to stop this? Or something else to force the calculated value control to expand down properly automatically when it has more than one row of text?