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Unable to Install Nintex Forms 2010 for SP2010 foundation

Question asked by eshin087 on Sep 17, 2015
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I received the link to the NintexForms2010.exe to try my trial before purchasing Nintex.  I went through the installer documentation and made sure all the prerequisites were satisfied and ran the exe file.


However it is unable to deploy the Nintexforms2010core.wsp and stays stuck in deploying and will not continue the installation.  Therefore I tried downloading the testdeploy packages that were on the troubleshoot section of the install guide and those were able to be deployed with no issues.


I have created a support case with Nintex but unfortunately the technician is not very helpful. Does anyone have any insight why I am having these issues?


I have already done the usual troubleshooting steps such as restarting the server / Administration & timer services / and have tried deploying it through powershell but it just gets stuck.


We would really like to purchase this product but the amount of support Nintex is offering for an interested customer is disheartening and my patience is running low.


Thank you.