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Parsing JSON returned from a REST service in Nintex workflow

Question asked by dembaremba on Sep 14, 2015
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Can anyone assist with parsing JSON in Nintex workflow. I have tried using RegEx after finding out that this is possibly the only way to parse JSON in Nintex workflow but cannot seem to get result as a collection. My example json data return is as follows:




I would like to end up with a collection variable with the 3 employees' names in it. "peter,caroline,emma".


I have tried with a combination of these expressions:

({.*?})/gi        => to get {..} data items AND

"(name)":"((\\"|[^"])*)"/i      => to get an name element.


I simply can't get this to work using the Nintex Action - Regular expression. I am new to Nintex, evaluating it for possible use in our organisation, so I am not sure if this is the best way to access our "External" rest services that we need to utilize in SharePoint 2013. The summary of the test workflow I have is as below:




I don't have to user RegEx, I just need a solution that works to parse JSON data.




I have since had some useful responses in this thread Re: Parse JSON Custom Action which helped me come to a conclusion.


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