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lazy approval issue iPhone: ReplyTo address doesn't get changed on reply

Question asked by benjamin.torrey on Sep 8, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2016 by dan.white

HI All,

We're running Nintex Workflow 2010 on Sharepoint 2010. Lazy approval is working fine, but for my users with iPhones are having an odd issue.


On an iPhone, when they get the Lazy Approval-enabled email task, when they click Reply, it doesn't set the ReplyTo address. As such the email isn't sent to the Lazy Approval address for processing. In our case, it NDR's since we're using a mail relay.


That same workflow, running on the same box, sent to my Blackberry, and I reply, and the ReplyTo address is set fine, and of course processes through. And, Outlook works fine as well.


It appears to just affect the native mail app on an iPhone. Has anyone ever seen that?


Thanks for any ideas.