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Nintex Forms: modify checkbox size

Question asked by knoll-mb on Sep 4, 2015
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I tried to change the size of a checkbox in Nintex Forms for hours now. My way was to check the control settings and to change the custom css in form settings.

There is a lot I changed by custom css in this form - everything works fine. But the checkbox control seems not to accept being changed in width and height.


In SharePoint forms edited by SharePoint Designer a checkbox can be modified in size by implementing the following css:




  -ms-transform: scale(2); /* IE */

  -moz-transform: scale(2); /* FF */

  -webkit-transform: scale(2); /* Safari and Chrome */

  -o-transform: scale(2); /* Opera */

  padding: 10px;



But this does not work in Forms. Has anyone an idea how to manage this?


Help is appreciated!

Thanks a lot!


Regards Philipp