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web service ProcessTaskResponse3 call for to-do task error 'Server was unable to process request'

Question asked by mwillmer on Sep 3, 2015
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Hi, fellow devs.

I'm using Nintex Workflow 2013 ( - I know this is not the latest, but it what I have to work with.

I have encountered a problem using the web service call processTaskResponse3 to complete a 'to-do task'.

I used the blog Build a Better Nintex Workflow "Assign To-Do Task" Form to create the workflow, etc.

I need to set the task to 'Complete' programmatically and I'm trying to use the web service call ProcessTaskResponse3 to do this via javascript.

I can get the task id using GetRunningWorkflowTasksForListItem so I know the web service and code works.

The SDK…

provides the following SOAP request which I've used:


<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" xmlns:nin="">




         <nin:comments>First attempt</nin:comments>



         <nin:taskListName>Workflow Tasks</nin:taskListName>





It interesting that 'outcome' is a enum and I would have thought that using the value of 5 = Complete would have been correct but the response says the value is incorrect. Using the string 'Continue' doesn't give this response.


The response I get states:

     "Server was unable to process request. ---&gt; Invalid field name. {819e6cf2-36c3-4013-8aef-c99712c26036}  /Lists/Workflow Tasks"


Can anyone please shed light on how I can get this call to work?