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SharePoint 2010, Nintex 2010, attachment in multiple steps

Question asked by cvandyke636 on Aug 25, 2015

I am being asked to build a workflow that does the following: User creates an item and fills out a sharepoint form, attaches a document. Once saved it kicks off a workflow sending it for approval. If the approver declines they want to be able to upload another documents with their notes, if that approve; they want to upload a document with their signature and then it goes to the next level of approval doing the exact same thing. In the end they want 7 or more documents in the paper trail and an email going out referencing those documents. I am stuck on the multiple documents, but only one new one at each step. Each decline or approval would send a link where they can access the ability to approve/decline/upload attachment and a link in the email to the attachment from the previous step. The final email would have a link to all documents. Can this be done?