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Update contact list email notification

Question asked by fortmccoy on Aug 24, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2015 by alexjolynintex

I am trying to create a work flow that performs the following;

1. reads a calculated column

2. if the conditions are meet (true) then sends an email notification to the user in the contact list using the "Email" column address.

     the workflow as I understand it would be something like;


     1. set permissions to allow contribute

     2. sends email to user with selected form fields for validation

     3. user updates/verifies the form and submits

     4. information is updated

     5. "last Updated Field is set to new date

     6. permissions are set back to read only

3. conditions are False then passes over the record. (No Action)

4. the workflow needs to run on the contact list daily


Question is; how do I get the workflow to read the "Email" column and use that address only?